The Technology

We want to bring your healthcare into the information age.

When was the last time you hopped into your horse and buggy and drove into town so you could hear the latest news at the general store? We didn’t think so either. So why should you have to purchase plane tickets, arrange for transport to the airport, reserve a hotel room (and meals), just to simply confer with experts in health and lifestyle medicine? 

Housecall With Dr. D’Adamo brings the experts to you.

First, we’ll work with you to build a collection all the relevant health data needed to provide guidance. Data that you supply (such as lab reports, chart notes, etc.) get uploaded via our HIPPA-compliant IT pipeline. Then we’ll move on to collecting the unique data that we’ll need to do our job. This may include genomic, metabolic or microbiome profiling, depending on your specific case and needs. Once everything is in place we sit in conference and using our proprietary software tools ‘whiteboard’ a protocol for each client. When this phase is completed we schedule a video consultation to walk you through every step of our analysis and plans. Finally, through a unique ‘concierge’ model, we continue to monitor each client as they progress through the process. 

We have the skills, experience and technology.

Dr. D’Adamo has built an amazing array of software tools that allow for the precise practice of personalized nutrition. His Opus23 genomic analysis software (image above) is considered an industry standard for nutrigenomic analysis. His SWAMI diet and Utopia microbiome apps generate incredibly flexible solutions for digestive restoration. Our unique and extensive databases minimize the risk of interactions between foods, drugs and supplements. We use an extensive array of proprietary AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms to insure that no therapeutic opportunity remains unexploited.