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Dispensing Continuity of Care

Center of Excellence clients can refill their dispensary needs directly from HouseCall

Because HouseCall with Dr. D’Adamo now houses the complete records of Center of Excellence at the University of Bridgeport the re-existing clients of Dr. D’Adamo and the Center of Excellence (‘Legacy’ clients) can refill their dispensary protocols directly thru HouseCall. We can refill the most recent protocol the client received from the COE medical team, and any product that does not have a refill maximum.

The dispensary at HouseCall with Dr. D’Adamo also is the inheritor of the COE dispensary inventory, in addition to featuring many new additions to its inventory. Orders can usually be filled and shipped in one day and typically arrive in 2-3 days.

To contact the dispensary about refilling an order, simply email or phone 203 489-0506