AIHM 2019

I was honored to be asked to present on my work in artificial intelligence and bioinformatics at the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM) 2019 conference in San Diego. The lecture was on ‘Generativity: Integrating bioinformatics, systems biology and the Vis Medicatrix Naturae.’ Had a chance to spend time with Martha, although we did not have time for much local exploration.  

Did connect with a dear and close professional friend, Dr. Michele Simon, who head the Institute for Natural Medicine and a few docs from Bastyr University in San Diego, who took the opportunity to bring in 50 or so prospective students to hear the lecture.

With Michele Simon

This lecture closes out my dance card for 2019. I’m trying to cut back on these types of appearances for several reasons, including my basic disinclination to want to travel much these days, and a feeling that 50-60 minutes of presentation is really just enough time to get people either inspired or confused by the material.