CASI 2019

A stolen moment on stage before the day begins. Dr. Peter D’Adamo and Dr. David Brady

Last week I had the honor and privilege to present on my bioinformatics research at the Clinical Applications of Scientific Innovation (CASI) conference in Nashville, TN.

As part of my presentation, I prepared several of the various apps found in Opus23 and Utopia (genomic and microbiome analytics, respectively) to be able to be used ‘open-source’ (without a need for a loaded patient). I also included the Rheingold app we use at HouseCall for checking possible drug/ supplement interactions and an interesting app that allows for better diagnosis.

Response was quite positive. I think many of the physicians in the audience we unprepared for the scope of the coding that I’ve produced over the last few years. One came over to me afterwards and told me that it was the first truly new thing they had heard in the last four conferences they had attended this year.

Although Nashville has an amazing music scene, Martha and I were too involved in the conference to venture out very far from the hotel. I did regret not being able to visit the Parthenon replica there.

Next week I’ll be presenting at the The Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM)  in San Diego. That will conclude my lecturing for 2019. Hopefully to then devote more time to HouseCall and Volkswagens!