The doctor will be right with you.

We are pleased to announce that worldwide tele-health consulting services from Dr. Peter D’Adamo and associates are now available through his new virtual clinic HouseCall with Dr. D’Adamo.

Utilizing the latest digital technology, Dr. D’Adamo and his team of top-notch colleagues can now offer out innovative brand naturopathic health care to the world at large.

You begin by contacting one of our client services representatives either by email or by phone . They can explain the terms of services and answer any questions you may have about the program. If you are interested in becoming a HouseCall client, they can begin the process of enrolling you into the program.

At this point your team will develop a checklist of important information that will need to be assembled and you will be sent collection kits for any relevant precision lifestyle testing (biomarkers, metabolism, genomics, microbiome) that will need to be performed.

When all the required information and data has been accumulated, Dr. D’Adamo and your medical team will ‘run the numbers,’ analyzing and synthesizing the data with our unique suite of artificial intelligence and network-based bioinformatics tools.

When the team complete the analytics, a live interactive video conference with Dr. D’Adamo and the team is scheduled. During this time, our analysis of your current health status will be presented, your treatment protocol will be explained in detail, and you will have the opportunity to discuss our findings and ask questions.They then prepare treatment protocols, personalized dietary guidelines and lifestyle advice that is personalized to your specific needs.